Robben Island: Diversity & Inclusion Conference 16-18 October 2013

Robben Island: Diversity & Inclusion Conference 16-18 October 2013

Due to the great success of the previous conference, we will once again organize the Inclusion & Diversity event held on Robben Island (South Africa). Very interesting for anyone who works with inclusion and diversity in organizations!

It is a special experience to share experiences with colleagues from South Africa and America. Take the unique opportunity to make an evening stroll along the coast of Robben Island. Moreover, the training takes place in the same room as where WF de Klerk decided to release Mandela.

Please contact me if you would like to participate:

Information on the Diversity Conference on Robben Island 

Theme: Developing organizational Diversity Intelligence. How to implement Diversity Interventions in companies, the latest research and implementation plans. We focus on all kinds of diversity: Culture, gender, generations, Personality, sub-cultures and even corporate culture.

PresentersDr Gustav GousBilly SelekaneReinhold TitusDr Mark ManleyLenora Billings-Harris: top specialist from the USA and Jitske Kramer: top specialist from the Netherlands. (Presentation team: Black, white, male , female).

Duration: 3 days, from 16 Oct – 18 Oct 2013. (It will be best if participants arrive in Cape Town the evening before).

Venue: Robben Island. Participant sleep for two nights on the Island at the Old prison house (16th and the 17th).

Accommodation and Workshop costs: Single cells (only 6 available) € 1.600,-. Sharing a cell (only 5 available) € 1.350,-. Communal cells (Men and women separately, 20 each) €1.190,- per person

See also: Detailed programme content of conference More on the Diversity Intelligence Institute:

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