About Jitske

Corporate Anthropologist – Jitske Kramer

Jitske is an international expert in the area of diversity and change. Working as a coach / consultant / facilitator in the field of communication, teamwork and leadership, she specialized in cross cultural issues and leading cultural change. In 2006 she founded the international network organization HumanDimensions.


It is Jitske’s ambition to (re)connect people through their differences. In other words: to release and synchronize the power of differences to drive execution power. To embed desired (new) behavior into the everyday routine of teams and organizations. Jitske facilitates teams and leaders to manage their (cultural) polarities, improve their decision making processes and to create new ways of doing.

Jitske has written about her vision and method of working in and with diversity in her books ‘Managing Cultural Dynamics’ (original Dutch title: ‘Normaal is anders!’) and ‘Wow! Wat een verschil’. She frequently speaks on these issues in the Netherlands and throughout the world (Dubai, Germany, UK, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Bolivia, India, South Africa). Jitske is a certified Voice Dialogue coach, Deep Democracy facilitator and Psychodramatist.

More information at: www.humandimensions.nl/en.

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