Dealing with differences, try the Hakka

How do we handle cultural differences? Are they allowed to be there? What agreements do we make about what’s “normal” and what “isn’t normal”? And to whom can you – and can’t you – say: “Come on, just be normal”?

“What is normal?” is an important question. And who determines the answer? The context? A leader? The majority? Whoever has the biggest mouth? We all want to know what “normal” is so we can fit in with the group. At the same time, we also want to be true to ourselves and to retain our own authenticity.

Increasing diversity means stretching the margin between what is and isn’t “normal.” Making use of diversity means accepting, and possibly adopting, others’ new ways.  Try this thought experiment: What would happen if it became normal to start every workday with a haka? Here is a taste of what it would be like if the police started doing that…

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