world in your handsDiversity is about the (visible and invisible) differences. Diversity is about numbers and percentages. Inclusion is about how we deal with diversity. About values​​, behavior, culture. Diversity is the mix, and inclusion is about making the mix work. Both diversity and inclusion will not grow by itself.

An inclusive culture is essential to make diversity work. That is, an atmosphere and way of doing in which all talents are welcomed and used. In which different ideas can be voiced and nobody is implicitly or explicitly excluded on the basis of his or her otherness.

With diversity, you’ll get different ideas, opinions and insights. All leading to greater combined wisdom. To unwrap this gift, you need to be able to  work and live with contradictions in a flexible way. As well as managing the challenge of the inclusion: be your authentic self and fit into the group. The real question is: how much diversity can you handle?