Dynamic Keynotes & Masterclasses

Are you looking for a lively but solid presentation or keynote speaker who will make your audience think? Jitske Kramer can provide high-impact  presentations. At congresses, lunch & learn meetings, symposia and corporate conferences.

These presentations are interactive, making use of movieclips, questions, statements and short games. Can be booked in cooperation with Marcel Harmsen, a comedian who adds live music, sketches and tailor-made songs to the performance.

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It is always possible to create a tailor-made presentation, which fits your needs perfectly. The following lectures have proven highly successful both in the Netherlands and abroad (Germany, England, Dubai, Indonesia, Bolivia, Malaysia, Singapore, India, South Africa):

Quality and creativity through diversity. How diverse are the employees in your organization? Do they represent different cultures? What is the ratio of men to women? What about the age range? Making good use of the mix  and polarities provides creativity and quality. Provided that the dynamics of diversity are well-managed. But how? That is what you will find out during this lecture.

Paradoxes and dilemmas within groups. Some problems are not straightforward either/or questions. Paradoxes do not so much need resolving, but rather by dealing with dilemmas in a different way, the diversity in the group can be given the space to be useful. You will be shown practical ways of identifying paradoxes and approaching them differently.

Cultural Rhythm Worlds. This lecture offers a unique opportunity to discover the different communications styles that exist worldwide and the effects of these on the communication process. What happens in the dynamic between the differences, and how can you use this to your advantage? A musical voyage of discovery, based around the Richard Lewis’ cultures model.

Cultural dynamics: the challenges facing (project) leaders. Clear insights and practical tips for turning cultural dynamics into pleasant, appropriate and effective teamwork. Cultural dynamics can allow a team to excel, or can lead it to under perform. Differences can unleash creativity, but also create uncertainty. This can be exciting, but also threatening. Balances of power can shift. This lecture provides an overview of the tasks, areas for attention and intercultural competences of the leaders of culturally diverse teams. Internationally and within the Netherlands.

Laughing matters: humor is the most difficult product to export. People say you only really know another culture well when you can laugh at the local jokes. Jokes that might have people roaring with laughter in one country, can create a painful silence in another. This is all about invisible boundaries – sensitivities that vary from culture to culture. In this lecture, we look – through laughter and tears – at different cultures and how humour helps us (and how it doesn’t help) in intercultural cooperation.

Welcoming outsiders in… Mechanisms of exclusion. About forms of exclusion in culturally diverse teams. On the basis of a short film, an incisive impression is given of the influence of cultural differences on group dynamics. What specific power sources are affecting the teamwork, and what does this mean for the development of the team?

EYAWTKBWATA: Stereotypes Show. A stimulating interactive show presented by a (singing) show master and a cultural expert. Together, they present a dialogue about the stereotype ideas present in the group. A refreshing combination of humour, the exchange of ideas, impressions and theoretical background information.

Cultural identity & kinship: no person is an island. A lecture in which the question ‘who thinks your thoughts’ is examined from a range of perspectives. The formation of identity, loyalties, impressions, images and judgements. Possibilities to go deeper into systems of relatedness and the effects of this on the cultural dimension of individualism versus collectivism.